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Succulent Lamb & Venison with Sauteed Spinach

Succulent Lamb & Venison with Sauteed Spinach

A perfectly balanced meal with tasty lamb and healthy venison that your hound is sure to devour. We saute the proteins with organic spinach to make this a meal our most discerning doggy-customers love!

Venison is available seasonally from April to September, as hunting occurs when animals are not calving. Due to this limited supply, our stock of Venison and Lamb & Venison is inconsistent. If we have stock it will be available for purchase! We're committed to ensuring more consistent stock levels in the future, as we prioritise working closely with seasonal availability rather than sourcing from untraceable sources. 

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V34218 Act36/1947


Venison meat, lamb organ meat, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, spinach, whole egg, blueberries, calcium phosphate, omega oil, basil, celery, calcium carbonate, sunflower oil, parsley, rosemary, taurine, approved vitamins and minerals.

No added artificial colourants, ethoxyquin or added sugar.

Guaranteed nutrients

Crude protein (min, g/kg): 140

Moisture (max, g/kg): 650

Crude fat (min, g/kg): 100

Crude fibre (max, g/kg): 20

Crude ash (max, g/kg): 25

Calcium (max, g/kg): 6

Phosphorus (min, g/kg): 5

Ca : P ratio: 1.2 :1

Linoleic acid (min, g/kg): 15

Omega 6 : 3 ratio: 3-10:1

Taurine (mg/kg): 300

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