Please note, we have halted our service in Gauteng. See our blog post for more on this tough decision

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Public Holidays

A reminder we do not deliver on public holidays so we won't be delivery on Friday the 29th of March and Monday the 1stof April.

Venison Seasonality

Venison is available seasonally from April to September, as hunting occurs when animals are not calving. Due to this limited supply, our current stock of Venison and Lamb & Venison is inconsistent. If we have stock it will be available for purchase! We're committed to ensuring more consistent stock levels in the future, as we prioritise working closely with seasonal availability rather than sourcing from untraceable sources.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate the rhythms of nature together.

Putting Food Back Into Dog Food

Processed fast food negatively affects human and hound health alike, but we have a fresh take on dog food! We don’t outsource your best friend’s health. Each meal is carefully sourced, lightly cooked with love, and packaged with care. Simply defrost and serve.

Reviews as Real as Our Food

Fresh Feeding Made Simple

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