Please note, we have halted our service in Gauteng. See our blog post for more on this tough decision

We’ve put together a list that might give you the answers you’re looking for. But, if you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know on +27 64 874 5244 or email

How do I know my dog is getting the best quality nutrition with Happy Hounds?

Does Happy Hounds need to go in the fridge?

How long can I keep my Happy Hounds in the deep freeze?

How much Happy Hounds should I feed my dog?

Can I feed my puppy Happy Hounds?

Can I use Happy Hounds with my kibble/pellets/biscuits?

How do I transition my dogs to Happy Hounds?

What is rotational feeding?

What does “balanced and complete” mean?

Are your recipes certified (against Act 36/1947)?

Your labels say “treat”. Does this mean it is a complimentary meal and not a complete and balanced meal?

Is your food cooked or raw?

Why does the colour of my food sometimes change?

Are bones good/safe for my dog?

How do I subscribe for regular delivery?

How do I edit, pause or cancel my subscription?

When can I expect delivery?

Do you deliver to my area?

Delivery fees

Is your packaging recyclable?

Why has Happy Hounds decided to pull out of Gauteng?

Are you planning to return to Gauteng, if so, when?

When is the cut-off date for Gauteng customers to be able to order meals from the Happy Hounds website?

When will final deliveries to Gauteng take place?

Will I be able to buy Happy Hounds from any third-party supplier in Gauteng?

Can you suggest an alternative food?