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Rosemary Infused Beef With Carrots

Rosemary Infused Beef With Carrots

A high-quality, animal protein that we know your hound will love. Our grass-fed beef is cooked gently with rosemary and carrots to give it great flavour and texture. It’s a winner! Read more...
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V33533 Act36/1947


Beef stomach, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, beef tripe, beef lung, cabbage, spinach, beef heart, beef spleen, celery, cauliflower, kale, omega oil, broccoli, whole egg, blueberries, basil, sunflower oil, parsley, rosemary, taurine, approved vitamins and minerals.

No added artificial colourants, ethoxyquin or added sugar.

Guaranteed nutrients

Crude protein (min, g/kg):110

Moisture (max, g/kg): 650

Crude fat (min, g/kg): 90

Crude fibre (max, g/kg): 20

Crude ash (max, g/kg): 20

Calcium (max, g/kg): 5

Phosphorous (min, g/kg): 4

CA : P ratio: 1.2:1

Linoleic acid (min, g/kg): 15

Omega 6:3: 6-10:1

Taurine (mg/kg): 300

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