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July 10, 2024 4 min read

Cape Town is known for its natural beauty and this extends to its parks and trails that you and your dog can enjoy together. Before rolling up to a park with your four-legged friend, it’s important to have some general knowledge about the space and basic training locked down.

The Mother City has a number of dog parks that allow off-lead play, including Green Point Park (Green Point), De Waal Park (Oranjezicht), Leadville Park (Sunningdale) and Kenridge Bark Park (Durbanville). There are plenty of other local dog parks in neighbourhoods around the city for your dog to socialise and play in too. Parks can have their own specific rules, but generally we recommend following these tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for both dogs and people…

Tips for enjoying the dog park

  • Make sure your dog is up to date with their vaccinations
  • Recall - It’s essential that your dog listens to you when you call. This will keep your dog out of trouble so be sure to work on this important skill before letting your happy hound loose in a public space. 
  • Rewards - Treat your dog to reinforce their good behaviour in all settings. We have a delicious selection of treats that are perfect for park visits.
  • Socialise your dog - It helps to introduce your dog to other dogs in a more controlled, one-on-one environment before going to a busy dog park.
  • Awareness - As a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to be aware of your surroundings and take note of other dogs, their owners, runners, children playing and so on. Keep an eye on dogs’ (yours and others) body language for any signs of a disagreement.
  • Leave dog toys at home - There is usually enough to stimulate your pup at the park and toys can be a source of conflict with other dogs.
  • We hope this goes without saying, but pick up dog poop immediately.


How to introduce your dog to a dog park

If it’s your first time going to a particular dog park, keep your visit short and sweet and try to go outside of peak hours so your dog doesn’t feel overwhelmed with meeting too many new pals at once in an unfamiliar environment. If your dog has a tendency to bound in like a wrecking ball, take them for a walk first so they can burn off some of that energy.

It’s also helpful to first walk the outside perimeter of the fenced-in doggy area so you and your dog can get to know the space (and the other dog and people using it) before diving in. 

Once in the park and your dog is off lead, keep walking so that some of your dog’s attention is always on you and your movements. They’ll be more likely to listen to your instructions.  And of course, don’t forget to pack poop bags, lead, collar or harness and treats


Dog Parks in Cape Town

Ready to introduce your dog to a new park? Here are a few of our favourite spots.

Green Point Park (Green Point)

Beautiful urban park that showcases our local biodiversity in a lush, curated garden.


Dogs: Designated fenced-off area within the park (outside of doggy area, dogs will need to be on a leash)

Parking: Street parking, free car park opposite Virgin Active

Amenities: Cafe, picnic spaces, kids’ playground, outdoor gym, events area, public toilets

De Waal Park (Oranjezicht)

In the heart of the city, this heritage site is a popular park for dogs, with plenty of large, shady trees, open grassy space and jungle gyms for children.


Dogs: Dogs are allowed to be off lead in the park but need to be supervised. Remember to be respectful of people or dogs who might be scared of fast approaching pooches. This park can be very busy and is wonderful for dogs to socialise if they have good recall. We recommend introducing your dog to quieter parks first.

Parking: Street parking

Amenities: Water feature (Victorian fountain), footpaths, kids’ play area, coffee bar, public toilets

Kenridge Bark Park (Durbanville)

A spacious fenced-in area for dogs to play in off lead and also includes an obstacle course.


Dogs: Large, open area for dogs to run around and socialise in. 

Parking: Free parking

Amenities: Dog obstacle course, benches

Leadville Dog park (Sunningdale)

A dedicated dog park with amenities for you and your pup! Please be aware of specific rules pertaining to this park, you can check their website for more info. Their rules are great guidelines to follow at any park.


Dogs: There are separate areas for different size dogs to socialise and play in

Parking: Off-street car park

Amenities: Pet store, dog parlour, coffee shop, dog training classes on Saturdays

Alphen Trail (Constantia)

A beautiful outdoor space with easy walking trails for your dog to explore, especially if they like to waddle in the river.


Dogs: The trail is used by walkers, runners and families, we recommend keeping your dog on a lead to be mindful of other people and dogs. There are also horses on the trail occasionally!

Parking: Off street, gravel car park

Amenities: Walking trails, benches

Radley’s Dog Park (Constantia)

A large, grassy park that is fenced off with gate access.


Dogs: Dogs are allowed off lead, make sure to keep the gate closed. 

Parking: street parking

Amenities: Well maintained, open grassy area, fenced with gate access


Happy exploring!